Spindle Motor

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Specifications : 

Our china spindle motor is high-speed and high-performance, power range from 1.5kw to 4.5kw, it is widely used for cnc router. We provide all kinds of accessories for cnc router, edgebander and other woodworking machines in lebanon.

Technical Data:

 Power (kw)  Dimension (mm)  Voltage (v)  Current (A)  Turning speed (rpm)  Cooling method  Lubrication method  Collet size  Bearing type
 1.5  Φ80*280  220  5  24000  water cooling  Grease ER16 2×7005C,1×7003C
 2.2  Φ100*270  220  6  24000  water cooling  Grease ER20 2×7005C,2×7003C
 3  Φ105*270  380  6  24000  water cooling  Grease ER20 2×7005C,2×7004C
 4.5  Φ125*330  380  8  24000  water cooling  Grease ER25 2×7007C,2×7005C



the above parameter of spindle motor is only for reference, it is subjected to change without notice, please contact us for latest information.

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