High Performance Through-hole “V” Point Boring Drill Bits 70mm long 10mmx20mm Right & Left

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The performance of your machine depends on the quality of the individual components. Sparesindustrial.com supplies you with top quality drill bits for your Boring Machine. We offer different types of drill bits.

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5-45-10×20-70 (D-B-S-L-R), 5-45-10×20-70 (D-B-S-L-L), 6-45-10×20-70 (D-B-S-L-R), 6-45-10×20-70 (D-B-S-L-L), 8-45-10×20-70 (D-B-S-L-R), 8-45-10×20-70 (D-B-S-L-L), 10-45-10×20-70 (D-B-S-L-R), 10-45-10×20-70 (D-B-S-L-L), 12-45-10×20-70 (D-B-S-L-R), 12-45-10×20-70 (D-B-S-L-L)