Choke Clear

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Mr McKenic® – Choke Clear is formulated to clear blockage problem that causes slow & inefficient drainage in most water drain pipes.

Clogged drain pipes are common problems faced in areas like air-con units, kitchen sinks, toilets & any place where drainage of wastewater is required. Often, such problems are caused by obstruction of solid materials or buildup of dirt and scum. Overtime, algae, scale & slime will grow and form the layer of clog along the inner pipes. If this persists, it will encourage the growth of unwanted bacteria and bad odour.

Mr McKenic® – Choke Clear effectively breaks up any buildup of rust, algae, scale & slime found inside drainage pipes. Its hassle-free application requires minimum dismantling & gives users the convenience of pouring the product into target areas without the need to scrub! As a preventive measure, this product may also be used to maintain drains and toilets to prevent chokes.

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250ML, 5L, 25L