AC Gear Motor

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Specifications : 

Our china AC gear motor is AC motor with gearbox which allow the AC motor to reduce the original speed to required speed by a certain gear ratio, power range from 15w to 60w, it is high-performance and durable, widely used for machinery that require low speed rotation. We provide many kinds of motor in lebanon.

Technical Data:

 Power (W)  Gear head  Voltage (v)  Turning speed (rpm)
 15  3GN-25K  220  60
 25  4GN-25K  220  60
 40  5GN-25K  220  60
 60  5GN-25K  220  60
 60  5GN-50K  220  30
 60  5GN-150K  220  10



the above parameter of AC gear motor is only for reference, it is subjected to change without notice, please contact us for latest information.

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